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Advantages of Tempered Glass

Aug. 04, 2015

Tempered glass is a special type of glass that is designed to resist breaking into jagged fragments. Has many security features that make it suitable for all kinds of applications. It is commonly used in cars and in public buildings such as bus terminals, telephone booths and any other place at the risk of vandalism or accidental breakage. Tempered glass is made by several different methods, some chemicals, involving temperature changes involving. Each causes chemical changes in the glass that make it less brittle and cause it to crumble rather than bursts when force is applied.

Tempered glass also has many intangible benefits. Because it reduces the risk of injury, it also reduces the risk of lawsuits. It is ideal for public buildings and private businesses that have a lot of visitors and could be liable for damages if a window breaks in their building and someone is injured. This is also true for industries where workers depend on safety glass to protect them from heat and flying objects over work. It is used in hockey rinks to protect fans from flying pucks, and it can withstand a direct hit from a shot slap 100 mph. It will not crack and injure fans or players who arrived in the advice, even when it breaks.

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